About Peeling Back the Layers


I’ve been thinking about the layers that we put over ourselves, the boxes we sit in and the roles that we play.  How much of the way you describe yourself is really you? I’ll never forget my first day on my Yoga Foundation course. It was the first time I’d dived deeper into yoga than … Continue reading About Peeling Back the Layers

About New Year Resolutions

As we come to the start of another new year my mind has turned to New Year’s Resolutions.  Running a business in yoga and complementary therapy, it’s so easy for me to get drawn into the “New Year New You!” mentality.  And it is a great time to start thinking about improving yourself and your … Continue reading About New Year Resolutions

About Love and Judgment; Past Present and Future

Three of my friends got engaged recently.  For some reason I found it difficult to feel happy for them.  In all cases I knew that the friends had had traumatic times with love and that these were whirlwind romances.  Why is it we seek to make such rash judgments on people who are clearly incredibly … Continue reading About Love and Judgment; Past Present and Future